Today I Begin Writing…

As I sit in front of the computer, I am hoping to find some sort of purpose in what to make this blog about. Content mostly, and then the purpose. It is probably best though to define the purpose before anything else. At the root of it, I want to connect with people on some level. Topics I am sure will span across many genres from fatherhood, family, motorcycles, tattoos, beards, and emotional intelligence. Why these? Because it is what I know and these are the areas I hope to contribute to.

I will try and refrain from making this a journal of random thoughts (which over the past decade my blog was) and aim to reach a broad audience. Some may stumble upon the page through SEO, others may find it through the blogosphere, social media could play a role, or if I just tell you to check it out could happen as well.

I hope to connect with people from all over – and the goal will be to either teach or be taught to in some way shape or form. Looking forward to this journey and what it may entail.


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